Hamurana Springs – Terms And Conditions

Your relationship with us is subject to these general terms and conditions.

You should read this information carefully. By purchasing one of our services, you are deemed to have read and accepted these terms and conditions.

In these terms we have used “we” and “our” to refer to Te Kaikaitahuna Management Company Ltd (trading as Hamurana Springs), and “you” and "your" to refer to our customers.

These terms and conditions, and our relationship with you, is governed exclusively by the Laws of New Zealand, and you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of New Zealand.

1. We appreciate your requirements and will do our best to provide a friendly, safe and memorable experience.
2. Hamurana Springs is a recreation and wildlife reserve offering a variety of activities. We advise that risk may be presented from open waterways, weather conditions, trees, wildlife, walking surfaces, bridges and platforms, and other non- specified elements of the Reserve. Care must be exercised by all visitors.
3. Tickets are based on rates and tariffs, which are, to the best of our knowledge, correct at the time of issue. Any increases since the date of issue are at the cost of the passenger payable to the Operator.
4. Cancellations - we reserve the absolute right to cancel any service as a result of weather conditions, insufficient reservations or any other unforeseen event or circumstances. In the event of closure due to high winds we will honor rain checks in lieu of cancellation.
5. You enter Hamurana Springs at your own risk and choose to do so under these conditions. No liability for loss, injury, damage, harm or suffering by you or any other person will be accepted.
6. We have the authority to close the reserve or any part of it, in the interests of safety and will not be liable for any loss or expense incurred because of or in connection with such closure or variation.
7. Children 15 years of age and under must be accompanied at all times by a responsible guardian or caregiver aged 16 years or over. We reserve the right to report any unaccompanied children to the appropriate authorities.
8. We provide designated areas for smoking, please ensure all smoking is reserved to these areas for the enjoyment of all visitors.
9. Dogs are not permitted in the Reserve.
10. Car parking is provided and designated for coaches, campervans and private vehicles. You must comply with the car parking signs and all instructions provided in the car parking area. Failure to comply may result in your vehicle being towed at your risk and expense. We accept no liability for any claim by you or any other person, whether for loss or damage to or from your vehicle or any other vehicle, whether resulting from using the car park or from your own negligence or otherwise.
11. We retain the right to deny access and/or remove visitors who are deemed to be a nuisance, acting recklessly or failing to observe directions from signage or staff.
12. No commercial or charitable activity may be undertaken without express permission from Te Kaikaitahuna Management Company Ltd.
13. In the event that liability of any kind is attributed to Te Kaikaitahuna Management Company Ltd or any of its officers or employees, such liability is limited to the amount of any funds paid by the person to whom Te Kaikaitahuna Management Company Ltd is liable.
14. Any decision regarding an exception to the stated policy will be made entirely at the discretion of the Te Kaikaitahuna Management Company Ltd.